Dream interpretation

These two messages about dream interpretation are based on a series of messages given by Doug Addison at the Transformation summit in Oct 2008.

The pictures go with the messages.

Click here to listen to a message on dream interpretation by David Samuel.

A photo of a pavement/sidewalk drawing from the wrong perspective - you can just make out a foot

The pavement /sidewalk drawing is now seen from the correct perspective and is of a woman in a swimming pool in a red swimsuit

A photo of a chair with a pipe on it arranged in the style of one of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings

A white dove descending with flames on it's wings

A white dove next to a bell tower looking and pointing with it's wing at the bell

A photo of a garage with old boarded up petrol/gas pumps

A photo of a man dressed as an old fashioned joker selling mind medicine

To listen to part one of the message with more background detail click here

More of Doug Addison's material can be accessed from his web site www.dougaddison.com


1. Introduction.
2. God is the only one who can interpret.
3. Bible is the best source.
4. Circumstances and knowledge can help.
5. Don't jump to conclusions.
6. Art or science? It'is only in part.
7. Ask for more.
8. Remembrance of the past can help.
9. How to interpret symbols correctly.
10. The importance of context
11. Don't add or subtract.
12. All prophecy must witness.
13. What if the opposite happens.
14. Dream interpretation.
15. Preparing to bring a prophecy.
16. How to bring a prophetic word.
17. Judging prophecy.
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