The life of a leaf written in different seasons of leaf from Spring to Autumn colours

"In youth's lime green your life unfolds" on the background of a tree in lime green flush of youthful leaves.

Hanging onto life by a slender stem a kite blown by winds again and again on a photo of wind blown leaves

You darken quickly absorbing light transforming it's goodness into life on the leaves of a backlit Ginko Biloba tree

The one you support so much greater than you too much for one something thousands must do on the photo of a large tree next to a country church whose walls are flint.

The summer’s heat tries to dry your frail frame  yet you turn to the son each morning again on the photo of leaves turning to face the morning sun.

Abide in tree, your philosophy lungs of the earth you breathe for me on a photo of two rounded trees by a thatched house

Having lived a life consumed by light your countenance changes becoming bright on the photo of an Acer Palmatum leaf changing to it's bright Autumn colour

You push off from life to gently float down on the photo of a bright yellow  Horse Chestnut leaf falling into others already on the ground

Into Autumn’s glorious gown written on a tree in full blaze of Autumn's golden spendor with the sunshine highlighting the equally bright leaves on the forest floor

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